April 12, 2010 – Yukon could take lead in reducing poverty

CBC News: The Yukon could set a national example by trying new ways to eliminate poverty, a Conservative senator said Friday at a symposium in Whitehorse.  Sen. Hugh Segal, who has been advocating the use of guaranteed income supplements to help lift Canadians out of poverty, said the Yukon is a small enough jurisdiction to try out such an idea.  Speaking at the Yukon government's Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction symposium on Friday, Segal said most good ideas — such as universal health care — began in smaller jurisdictions before being adopted elsewhere. "Good things start in the provinces. Good ideas go to Ottawa to find a place to die," Segal told symposium delegates.  "If it's going to start, it's going to start in a province or territory that says, 'We can do this,' and probably you can lever Ottawa into being a partner because they won't have a better idea," he added. Former NDP leader Audrey McLaughlin agreed with Segal, adding that the Yukon's self-governing First Nations could lead the way.  "You know who could do it tomorrow? Every First Nation. They have the jurisdiction, they have the funding," McLaughlin said.

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