British Columbia and Alberta

Canadian Social Economy Suite - Regional Node

British Columbia Alberta Node (BALTA)

Director Mike Lewis
Contact Telephone: (250) 723-1139 Fax: (250) 723-3730 E-mail: balta at xplornet dot com Mail: CCE Centre for Community Enterprise 9777B Somers Road Port Alberni, BC V9Y 8N9


mlewisMike Lewis Mike Lewis has been engaged as a trainer, analyst, and advisor in a vast range of community economic development tasks and projects across Canada for over 25 years: strategic planning, organizational development, venture development, entrepreneurial and small business development, feasibility analysis, research and evaluation, and the structuring of joint ventures. He has played a key role in building several CED organizations and provided technical assistance to many more. Mike is a very active member and proponent of the Canadian CED Network, and is currently chair of its policy committee. He is also president of a west coast forest company, a joint venture that strives to make First Nations full partners and beneficiaries of the forest industry.