Canada's first magazine dedicated to social enterprise

tuesday, december 15, 2009

Announcing Canada’s first magazine dedicated to social enterprise
We’re excited to announce the launch of SEE Change Magazine in early 2010. With a mission to inform, inspire and educate, SEE Change will be the first publication in the country devoted to social enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Each issue will contain a mix of important news and information about social enterprise and social innovation in Canada, opinions and commentary, expert advice, and engaging features that will get people thinking, talking, moving…and changing.

The magazine will inform our audience about innovative approaches to improving our communities and new ways of doing business. It will inspire people to make changes in their own organizations – whether big or small – and educate readers about what’s happening in this exciting, emergent field.

SEE Change will put current research and practice models in the hands of organizational leaders, and provide an engaging forum for further education and discussion, becoming “the place” for discourse on social enterprise, social innovation and social entrepreneurship in Canada, and beyond.

Sound exciting? Well YOU can be a part of it. Are you committed to social entrepreneurship and its potential to achieve sustainability and social change? Do you believe in the need to establish a common, collaborative voice in the field of social enterprise? Then join us. We’re searching for partners and forward-thinkers willing to work together to help this exciting magazine reach its fullest potential.

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