CSERP at the National CCEDNet Conference, 2008



What and How are We Learning About the Social Economy?

The Canadian Social Economy Research Partnerships is a five-year research program funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). It is co-directed by the Canadian CED Network (CCEDNet) and the BC Institute for Co-operative Studies (BCICS). 2008 marks the midway point of the program and is an ideal time for practitioners and academic to meet, debate findings and shape future research projects. The Research Advisory Committee of CCEDNet is hosting two linked workshops to provide this opportunity. This workshop will combine presentations with opportunities for questions and answers to learn about policy-related research findings from four of the regional research centres and the national centre.


Research in the Social Economy: A National Perspective Ian MacPherson CSEHub, BCICS >>>Download this document

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Les conditions de succès dans l’émergence d’entreprises d’économie sociale dans les contextes rural et urbain (The conditions of success of emerging social economy enterprises, both in rural and urban contexts) Jacques Caillouette Québec, Université de Sherbrooke >>>Download/Télécharger

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Northern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan Social Economy Node: Research Approach and Outcomes Lou Hammond Ketilson Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northern Ontario; Linking, Learning, Leveraging: Social Enterprises, Knowledgeable Economies, and Sustainable Communities >>>Download this document

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UNIVERSITY-COMMUNITY RESEARCH PARTNERSHIPS: The ARUC-ÉS and RQRP-ÉS Model Louise Sutton Québec, ARUC-ÉS >>>Download this document

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Policy and Program Classification Framework Mike Lewis British Columbia and Alberta, BALTA >>>Download this document

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Brendan Reimer CCEDNet Policy Cluster, SK, MB, Northern Ontario


Denyse Guy Ontario Co-op Association >>>Download this document


Rupert Downing CCEDNet/CSEHub


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