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April 29, 2010- Grower's co-operative to be explored

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“A wonderful starting point for the potential of a vibrant new industry in our community,” is how Carmen Rockwell-Hoover describes a recently announced Co-operative Development Initiative program grant.
Rockwell-Hoover is co-ordinating a study conducted by Greenheart Herbal Society to determine the viability of a herb growers’ co-operative in the Creston Valley.


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April 15, 2010- Edmonton wants task force to deal with panhandlers

Edmonton wants task force to deal with panhandlers

The city proposes to establish an integrated team of police officers, business associations, and social service agencies to curb the panhandling problem in Edmonton, according to a report.
The team will be responsible for increasing the presence of outreach workers from the Boyle Street Community Services and working to gain the trust of panhandlers.

April 12, 2010 – Yukon could take lead in reducing poverty

CBC News: The Yukon could set a national example by trying new ways to eliminate poverty, a Conservative senator said Friday at a symposium in Whitehorse.  Sen.

New Futures: Innovative Uses of the Co-op Model

This 30-page document produced by the Canadian Co-operative Association features a collection of profiles that provide examples of how Canadians have used the co-operative model in innovative ways.  It shows that, far from being powerless, we can, through co-operation, forge new futures for ourselves, our communities and our country. Click here to find the document.

March 26, 2010- Federal government holds CO-OP policy forum

More than 40 co-op leaders, consultants and social enterprise experts from across Canada gathered in Ottawa on March 23-24 to talk to the federal government about policies and programs in support of co-operatives.  
"Towards 2012: Building a Conducive Environment for Co-operatives" was the first in a series of dialogues organized by the government's Co-operatives Secretariat aimed at shaping federal policy and setting the stage for the 2012 International  Year of Co-operatives.

March 23, 2010- Liberals make big plans for something called 'the social economy'

Liberals make big plans for something called 'the social economy'
Kelly McParland, Canadian politics

Apparently Stephen Harper has been letting down the social economy.
I have to confess I'm not very familiar with the social economy. I assume it's different than the economic economy, but to be honest I'm just guessing. I'd never even heard the term until I came across it on the Liberal party web site, which declares that the party is working, beaverlike, to develop it.

March 11, 2010- Prof: 15% of households battle hunger

Five-year study will look at why some can’t afford to put food on the table
By CLARE MELLOR Staff Reporter, The Chronicle Herald
Thu. Mar 11, 2010
Studies show as many as 15 per cent of Nova Scotia households have a problem putting food on the table.
"We know . . . that some people do experience hunger," Patricia Williams, a professor at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, said Wednesday.
"Some people go without for many days at a time."

New Journal and Call for Submissions

Announcing the launch of the Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research / Revue canadienne de recherche sur les OSBL et l’économie sociale, ANSERJ.

First Issue: Fall 2010

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March 5, 2010- Ontario increases minimum wage

Ontario Newsroom- March 5, 2010

Ontario is raising the minimum wage to $10.25 on March 31, 2010.  This is the seventh increase since 2004.

The province of Ontario started implementing annual increases early in 2003, raising the general minimum wage from $6.85 in 2004 to $9.50 in 2009.
Phasing in these increases balances the needs of hard working families with the needs of small businesses that create jobs.

March 5, 2010- Community groups receive funding to promote food security

The Telegram- March 5, 2010

The provincial government announced today it will distribute $247,000 to seven community-based organizations under the Provincial Wellness Plan.
According to a news release, the funding supports projects designed to address food security issues. The grants are in addition to the Provincial Wellness Grants, which will be awarded in the coming weeks.

March 1, 2010- New co-op cinema gives front-row view of Canadian efforts to beat global poverty

New co-op cinema gives front-row view of Canadian
efforts to beat global poverty

Ottawa March 1, 2010  ̶̶  Canadians have a new way to experience the fight to end
global poverty thanks to a virtual movie theatre recently unveiled by the Canadian
Co-operative Association (CCA) on its website.

"On any given day, Canadians are working in remote corners of the globe to help
credit union and co-operative leaders move their communities out of poverty," said
CCA media relations manager David Shanks. "We created the CCA Cineplex to give

February 26, 2010- The working poor's best hope

By Ken Battle, Sheri Torjman and Michael Mendelson in the Globe and Mail.

Welfare is the tangled safety net that doesn't work. It is a complicated system that is difficult to understand and administer. While many people use it only once and get back on their feet, some languish on that program for years. Far from an exit from poverty, welfare has become a social and economic ghetto that creates incentives for dependence and disincentives for independence.

February 24, 2010- Province, Co-op Council Launch New Job-recruitment Program

The provincial government and the Nova Scotia Co-operative Council kicked-off a new partnership today (Feb. 24) that will connect unemployed or under-employed Nova Scotians with jobs that meet today's labour market needs.

Premier Darrell Dexter and Community Services Minister Denise Peterson-Rafuse launched the Target 100 employment program. Mountain Equipment Co-op, a member of the Nova Scotia Co-operative Council, hosted the event, which was broadcast live via a government webcast.

February 20, 2010- Act to lift people out of poverty- Lamrock

By Stephen Llewellyn, The Daily Gleaner

The Liberal government has taken another step towards its goal of lifting 25,000 New Brunswickers out of poverty over the next five years, says Social Development Minister Kelly Lamrock.

Lamrock introduced the Economic and Social Inclusion Act on Friday to create the legislative framework to implement the government's plan to overcome poverty.

February 22, 2010 - Council considers food plan

By Allison Vail - Ladysmith Chronicle

Ladysmith is considering adopting a food charter.
Members of the Cowichan Green Community visited Ladysmith’s government services committee meeting on Feb. 15 to talk about the Cowichan Food Charter, a document that outlines the future of food and food security in the CVRD.
“We are an environmental organization said Judy Stafford during a presentation.
The organization has been involved in building community gardens and is mapping food production in the Cowichan Valley.

February 9, 2010 - Local food starts at home

By Fred Davies- Parksville Qualicum Beach News

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The heart of local food security starts with having a collection of seed that people can save and grow year after year.

Febraury 2, 2010 - Where purpose trumps profit

Feb 2, 2010,
by Stuart Laidlaw
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Most businesses do all they can to keep good employees for as long as possible. But at the Phoenix Print Shop, they can't get them out the door fast enough.

"We work closely with most of them to find work elsewhere," says Andrew Macdonald, general manager of Eva's Phoenix youth shelter.