Student Conference on the Social Economy: 2010

Innovation in a Changing World – Critically Exploring Social Economy Alternatives

June 1st, 2010 Concordia University, Montreal

The Social Economy Student Network (SESN) and the Social Economy Hub were pleased to host the 2nd Student Conference on the Social Economy. This bi-lingual one day student conference was held in association with the Congress of Social Sciences and Humanities 2010, the Association for Non-profit and Social Economy research (ANSER) and the Canadian Association for Studies in Cooperation (CASC) and offered an interesting and critical exploration of many aspects the Social Economy movement in Canada and abroad. The conference featured 18 student presentations, grouped into the following categories: Exploring the Social Economy abroad: South American Perspectives, The Social Economy: transforming communities? Placing the ‘Economy’ in the Social Economy, Exploring the social economy in practice, (Re) theorizing the Social Economy.

The student conference was honoured to have two important figures in Social Economy research, J.J. McMurtry and Margie Mendell, offer keynotes addresses during the conference. Both J.J.and Margie offered their wisdom, insights and experiences to students interested in developing the Social Economy.

In addition to the creating a space for the exchange of knowledge and debate among students and academics, the student conference offered a chance for students relatively new to the world of academia, to share and discuss their Social Economy related research in an academic setting. Both this year and last, following the conference individuals involved with the conference expressed that they felt the conference was inspiring, and important in promoting progressive Social Economy related research. Focussing on the theory essential to the future of the Social Economy and the human aspect of the alternative economy, the Student conference on the Social Economy has again proved that spaces such as these - where students are supported and encouraged to share their research - are the spaces that are significant in shaping the future of the Social Economy and Social Economy research.

List of Presenetations

Session I – Exploring the Social Economy Abroad: South American Perspectives
  • Sabrina Monasterios, Cynthia Srnec, Eugenia Castelao, Miguel Gutierrez: “Social Economy and Sustainable Development in Argentina’s Public Policies” ”The performance and perspectives of the Argentinean cooperative movement

Session II - The Social Economy: transforming communities?

Session III – Placing the ‘Economy’ in the Social Economy

Session IV - Exploring the Social Economy in Practice

Session V – (Re) theorizing the Social Economy