Working in the Social Economy Symposium – April 27th, 2010

Working in the Social Economy Symposium
April 27th 2010
1pm to 5pm
Atrium - Enterprise Square
University of Alberta

The Social Economy is seen as an organizing framework to understand the work of organizations that operate with a social purpose and are independent of government. These organizations include non-profit and voluntary organizations, co-operatives and for-profit businesses, referred to as Social Enterprises. Over the past five years there has been a national coordinated effort involving community-based practitioners and academic researchers to develop evidence-based action strategies from primary research with the purpose of strengthening the Social Economy. In B.C. and Alberta that effort has been led by the BC-Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance.

Over the last several years the provincial Government of Alberta worked with the non-profit sector to develop A Workforce Strategy for Alberta's Non-profit and Voluntary Sector. The workforce strategy identifies non-profit human resource issues as requiring explicit action strategies aimed at informing, attracting, developing and retaining a workforce within the nonprofit sector. The symposium is intended to bring together researchers and non-profit practitioners to build on common interests and share implementation strategies.

The presentations and discussions will explore the ongoing scholarship and experiences that reflect the challenges and rewards of working across the nonprofit sector. Participants and panelists will share tools for best practices aimed at attracting, retaining and developing an informed and prepared workforce within the Social Economy. The afternoon will cover the following topics:

  • Introducing Alberta’s Social Economy
  • Overview of the Workforce Strategy For Alberta’s Non-Profit and Voluntary Sector   
  • Attraction, retention and positioning the sector as a choice employer  
  • Data gathering and research approaches  
  • Panel sharing key issues and innovative strategies  

This symposium will highlight current research and initiatives that are identifying and addressing ongoing gaps and we hope to initiate potential research topics that will inform future strategies.

If you cannot attend in person, you can still participate in the event online. Please visit our website, for more details. Please email your questions, comments or your stories.

Admission is free but please register at the following web address:

For more information please contact Jorge Sousa at or 780-492-4905