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Turko TJ.  2008.  Manitoba producers willingness-to-invest in New Generation Cooperatives. Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics. Master of Science M.Sc.:128. Abstract
Gibson VV.  2008.  Negotiated spaces: work, home and relationships in the Dene diamond economy. Mining Engineering. Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D. Abstract
Mundel E.  2008.  Story-gathering with the Urban Aboriginal Community Kitchen Garden Project. Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems. Master of Science M.Sc. Abstract
Low D.  2008.  University-Community Engagement: A grid-group analysis. Gateways: International Journal of Community Research and Engagement. 1:107-127. Abstract
Gillespie DE.  2007.  The impact on organized labour of the Health and Social Services Delivery Improvement Act: a case study.. Faculty of Human and Social Development. Master of Social Work M.S.W. Abstract
Seel KE.  2007.  Boundary spanning: A grounded theory of sustainability in Canadas nonprofit sector. Graduate Division of Educational Research. Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D.:204. Abstract
Manuel CD.  2007.  Canadian First Nation community economic development planning: Key factors for success. Environmental Design (Planning). Master of Environmental Design M. E.Des.:134. Abstract
Rice JG.  2007.  The charity complex: An ethnography of a material aid agency in Reykjavik, Iceland. Department of Anthropology and Archaeology. Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D.:558. Abstract
Hamel J.  2007.  Choosing appreciative conversations: Creating nonprofit board excellence together. Leadership and Training. Master of Arts M.A.:175. Abstract