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Abbott CL.  2004.  Exploring energy poverty perspectives in Senegal: the applicability of scenarios. Faculty of Business. Master of Business Administration M.B.A. Abstract
Tegenfeldt A.  2004.  In need of a spiritual framework for peacebuilding: Burma and beyond. Faculty of Human and Social Development. Master of Arts M.A. Abstract
Grosenick GC.  2004.  Delimiting democracy? Media representations of volunteerism Faculty of Communication and Culture. Master of Arts M.A.:148. Abstract
Dowhy LJ.  2004.  Forming a health and social care co-operative: A case study in a British Columbia community. Studies in Policy and Practice. Master of Arts M.A.:142. Abstract
Snider JJ.  2004.  Intersectoral relationships between Capital Health and the voluntary health sector in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Health Services Administration. Master of Health Services Administration M.H.S.A.:85. Abstract
Pedscalny B.  2004.  Perceptions of volunteer sector under government contract services. Social Work. Master of Social Work M.S.W.:104. Abstract