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Van Mossel C.  2004.  Resistance in small spaces: citizen opposition to privatisation in health care.. Faculty of Human and Social Development. Master of Arts M.A.
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Noteva I.  2003.  Cooperatives agricoles et societé: Le cas Bulgare (1396-2001). Sociology. Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D.:412. Abstract
Cheng DWH.  2003.  Evaluating the evaluation: Assessing the use of program evaluation for capacity building in a nonprofit organisation. Environmental Design (Planning). Master of Environmental Design M.E.Des.:105. Abstract
Walsh D, Annis R.  2003.  Exploring University-Community Relations: The case of Brandon Universitys Community Outreach Service. The Changing and Complentary Role of the Unviersity in the Rural Sector: The Future of of Rural Peoples: Rural Economy, Health People, Environment, Rural Communities. Abstract