CSEHub Newsletter

Local Government Support for the Social Economy

Please click here to access this informative thematic newsletter on local government supports for the Social Economy in Canada.

Housing Thematic Newsletter

Please click here to access this informative thematic newsletter on CSERP housing initiatives and research across Canada.

Public Policy Thematic Newsletter

Building a People Centered Economy: Public Policy and the Social Economy

To find this informative newsletter about public policy in Canada, please click here!

Poverty Reduction Thematic Newsletter

The CSEHub has produced a new thematic newsletter on poverty reduction. Please click here to read about Canadian initiatives, projects and resources.

The Role of Education in Promoting the Social Economy in Canada – CSEHub Thematic Newsletter

Education policy is part of building a supportive environment for the Social Economy. CSERP is supporting research in this area by producing a series of papers that focuses on the relationship between the Social Economy and education.  This newsletter discusses these papers and other related initiatives relating to education across Canada.

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Indigenous Communities Newsletter

CSEHub and CCEDNet are pleased to announce a new thematic newsletter:

The Social Economy in Canada: Indigenous Communities

Please click on the link above to explore this month's publication.

Immigrants, Refugees, and Cultural Communities Newsletter

To learn more about immigrants and refugees, and how they relate to the Social Economy within Canada, read the CSEHub newsletter below.

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Microfinance Newsletter

CSHub has created a themed newsletter on microfinance in Canada.

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Procurement Newsletter

Please explore CSEHub's newsletter on Procurement in Canada.

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Food Security Newsletter

CSEHub has created a new themed-newsletter on food security. Please print this file if you're interested in learning more about what we're working on, and to gain a perspective on what kinds of projects and resources there are throughout the country.

You can find the newsletter here.