Assessing economic capacity through partnership: In search of an effective framework

TitreAssessing economic capacity through partnership: In search of an effective framework
Type de publicationThesis
Nouvelles publications2008
AuteursSimpson D
AdvisorReid DG
SupprimerMaster of Science M.Sc.
UniversityUniversity of Guelph (Canada)
Clé de citation: Guelph, ON

This study analyzes the underlying causes to the barriers and constraints evident in the implementation phase of a development program restricting capacity development in North - South partnerships. Through the development and application of an analytical tool a review of international partnership programs from a holistic viewpoint provides insights into the causes inherent in both the funding framework and the partnership dynamic. Communication, expectations, confidence, motivation and trust are identified as the key barriers to effective partnership implementation, all barriers stemming from cultural norms and values at an individual, organizational and societal level. Grounded in the results the qualitative enquiry argues that through the adoption of a Community Economic Development model to partnership implementation in economic development sustainable outcomes can be realized. The research provides practitioners with an assessment and planning tool that addresses the dynamics of partnership seeking to implement programming based on the concept of capacity development.

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