Mobilisation des connaissances

The goal of knowledge mobilization (KM) activities at the Canadian Social Economy Hub (CSEHub) is to take the information generated by research activities associated with the Canadian Social Economy Research Partnerships (CSERP) and make them relevant and useful to a wider audience.Vehicles for accomplishing this goal include:

  •     Web-based publication (eg. webpages, news feeds)
  •     Print publications (eg. occasional papers)
  •     Posters
  •     Promotions (eg. brochures)
  •     Presentations
  •     Lectures
  •     Workshops
  •     Electronic newsletters

The audience for KM activities is varied, especially as many members will identify with overlapping variations of the following identities:

  •     Social Economy practitioners and acteurs
  •     Other researchers and academics (already engaged with the Social Economy or not)
  •     Government officials and policymakers
  •     Educators
  •     The public at large

The steps in KM can vary, but usually appear as follows:

  •     Content is generated from knowledge produced by researchers
  •     A decision is made regarding what to do with the content according to: 
    • Preferred Vehicle
    • Targeted Audience
  •     The content is edited according to these variables
  •     A product is produced from the edited contents
  •     The product is matched with other relevant products
  •     The product is disseminated through both new and established networks

Examples of KM products from CSEHub include:

  •     CSEHub website
  •     Social Economy Student Network Website
  •     Research of the Month profiles
  •     Telelearning sessions
  •     Social Economy in the News RSS feed
  •     E-Bulletin
  •     Occasional Papers series
  •     Bookmarks
  •     Brochures
  •     Special Speakers Events
  •     Presentations and conference materials

The production of KM requires a desire to communicate effectively, an understanding of how people learn, and a willingness to try new things in order to improve both of these.Do you have questions about Knowledge Mobilization activities and the Social Economy?Email us at sekm at!