Case study- Knowledge Generation: Community-University Research Partnerships

TitreCase study- Knowledge Generation: Community-University Research Partnerships
Type de publicationReport
Nouvelles publications2009
AuteursDilts A, Westley F
Auteursof Social Innovation Generation UW
InstitutionSocial Innovation Generation, University of Waterloo

This is a composite (referred to as a case study in report) and accompanying teaching guide on how to deal with common problems in community-university research partnerships. The composite is based on interview data from 35 community or university representatives from across 12 partnership projects. The case study includes a number of recommendations from participants (provided almost exclusively by participants who had successful partnership experiences) on how to ensure successful community-university partnerships in research. Recommendations include: make time for visioning, reach joint agreement on research questions, set shared timelines, agree on dissemination methds, agree on ownership of results, be aware of resource limitations, foster good communication, and get it in writing. That these recommendations are drawn from those interviewees who indicated they had had a successful partnership experience may suggest that it is difficult to rectify tensions and resulting problems once they occur.