May 12, 2010- Co-op Week 2010 will encourage Canadians to "Experience the Co-Operative Difference"

Ottawa, May 12, 2010 --  The values, principles and practices that make co-operatives different from other types of businesses -- and the difference co-operatives make to the lives of Canadians -- will be the focus of this year's Co-op Week celebrations, which will take place from October 17-23, 2010.

Canada's two national co-operative associations, the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) and the Conseil canadien de la coopération et de la mutualité (CCCM), have chosen Experience the Co-operative Difference (Vivre la différence coopérative in French) as the theme of Co-op Week 2010.

"Co-op Week 2010 will be a celebration of the co-operative difference:  the advantages co-ops have over other business models, and the enormous difference co-ops have made, and continue to make, to the lives of Canadian and their communities," said Carol Hunter, CCA's executive director . "We want as many Canadians as possible to experience the co-op difference first-hand, not only during Co-op Week but all year round."
As in past years, Co-op Week will also include International Credit Union Day, which will take place on Thursday, October 21.  The theme for this year's ICU Day -- Local. Trusted. Serving You. -- focuses on credit unions' trusted, community-focused approach to member service.   The ICU Day campaign will also use the tagline Experience the Credit Union Difference in its promotional materials.  The campaign was developed by an international committee consisting of the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU); Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and the National Co-operative Business Association (NCBA) in the United States, Credit Union Central of Canada and the Canadian Co-operative Association.   
"This theme of building trust in a local setting strongly reflects our core commitment to helping to support communities across Canada," said David Phillips, president and CEO of Canadian Central. "We are proud to stand with our partners in promoting positive values and relationships with our members. Even better, these are truly Canadian values."

For the first time, NCBA -- the national co-operative association in the U.S. -- will use the same theme for Co-op Month, which takes place in October throughout the United States.
CCA, Canadian Central, WOCCU, CUNA and NCBA will all use the same graphic image for their posters and promotional materials:  a whimsical watercolour landscape in various shades of blue and green with images of happy co-op or credit union members, including a shopper and a mother and child.   Promotional materials can be ordered from the CCA and Canadian Central websites beginning in July, 2010.
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