Sustainability in Canadian and indigenous policy-making

TitleSustainability in Canadian and indigenous policy-making
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsMyskow S
AdvisorAlfred T, Corntassel J
Academic DepartmentFaculty of Human and Social Development
DegreeMaster of Arts M.A.
Date PublishedJuly 7, 2008
UniversityUniversity of Victoria (Canada)
CityVictoria, BC
KeywordsSustainability, Environmentalism

Building on the premise that Canadian government thus far has been incapable of enacting a working model of how to implement sustainability, this thesis defines Canada’s basic environmental position and takes it as a starting point to a prospective shift in our national value system. Using a case study of a the Detroit River International Crossing Project, a government-initiated development project in Windsor, Ontario, and a careful analysis of publicly available documents, it measures Canada’s stated values with respect to the environment against the project’s actual pathways of action, thereby unearthing the embedded value system which governs environmental ethics and policies in Canada. Also, this thesis will draw comparisons with the value system of the Walpole Island First Nation – a representative Indigenous community located near Windsor – in order to present alternative ways of relating to the earth and of conceptualizing environmental ethics and policies.