July 12, 2010- Canadian student founds Ghana-based social enterprise

July 12, 2010- The Globe and Mail

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Maryanne Mathias is the owner of Osei-Duro Clothing and a 2010 ACE Student Entrepreneur British Columbia Champion. 

She is a full time MBA student at UBC.
Osei-Duro is a company dedicated to creating socially responsible and sustainable clothing. The company provides employment opportunities and job training to women in West Africa.
Her business uses two sewing co-operatives each employing 11 women to produce the clothing, which features hand-dyed traditional West African patterns cut in "modern silhouettes."
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In the latest of a series of monthly podcasts with ACE honourees, Ms. Mathias spoke with Diane Jermyn about starting a "social enterprise" in Ghana. She also joined us for an online discussion .